The Most Important Accomplishments of Engineering

Santos, June 15, 2015

The constant struggle to apply our knowledge to practical ends has revolutionized the world continuously. These applications have changed the way we interact with the world and our lifestyles. From rapid travel of hundreds of miles through an airplane to communication overseas through phones, all of the milestones considered impossible at a time have now been crossed and this never ending journey is still progressing. Below are the top inventions of this century accomplished through Engineering.


Can anyone, in this era imagine life without electricity? To go in daily life without all the appliances, luxuries and needs fulfilled by electricity? We control electricity through the tips of our fingers to tap into the potential of coal, oil, wind, oceans, concealed power of an atom and the radiance that makes its way to our planet. All of these resources converted into electricity.


The struggle to build a motor powered vehicle began around late 1700’s. Different engines were introduced including steam, combustion and electrical powered ones. It was a controversial issue which one would become eminent. Electrical motor powered engine gained fame in the start but failed soon due to the lack of batteries at that time. Eventually, it was the combustion engine that become the most reliable propeller of automobiles. We all are well versed about the need to transportation. Automobiles not only allow us to save time but provides an economic way of transportation as well.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air ConditionersIsn’t it soothing when you revel in the luxury of cold environment of your AC in your home or car? Simultaneously, a survey states that refrigerator is the hardest appliance to live without. A cooling system has become more of a necessity in warmer climates because the scorching heat can also be deleterious for health as well.


Flying had always been one of the most polemic issue of every century. Many people believed that it was possible while others labelled it as a far-fetched fantasy. The Wright brothers who were among the believers worked endlessly for the cause and their labor bore fruit. Today, we enjoy access to flying machines that can even beat the speed of sound and commercial airlines that can carry hundreds of people halfway around the world.

Water Supply and Distribution

Water, as we all know is a basic need for survival. The quantity was adequate but its distribution on the other hand had always been a problem of prime concern. As cities grew, this problem became crucial and became a missing link that thwarted progress. The development of such a system that provided water at homes is a splendid step towards efficient utilization of our resources.


Life without the use of electronic devices would be like clouds without rain. From the morning alarm on our mobile that wakes us up to the whole day’s work that we perform includes electronic devices. It all started in mid-1948 when a device called transistor was invented. Among all those years that that link that day to present day, a myriad of overwhelming and magnificent advances were made that have led to these wonderful pieces of technology we own.

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