How to Stay Fit During the Cold Season

Santos, January 3, 2016

When it’s cold outside, it’s just so hard to get out of bed and begin your day. If you could press that snooze button for another 5 minutes or a couple of hours, you would. If going to work or school is quite a drag, working out and trying to sweat is going to be much harder. However, it is important to stay fit and healthy; otherwise, you might find yourself running on the treadmill like crazy again just to catch up on getting a beach body before the summer season.

Really, the best way to stay fit and healthy is through maintenance. You can’t stuff yourself with all the food you can have during a cold holiday season and stay in bed all day just to let your body absorb all the fat. The only way for you to stay fit is by making an effort. Here are some tips you might want to consider:

  1. Limit your food intake.

    It could be tempting to have another slice of ham or another slab of steak for dinner especially when your family is gathering for the holidays. You might think this only happens once a year so why not indulge? Yes, you can have a taste of everything and you can even have more food than what you’re used to; however, this doesn’t mean you can have double servings of everything. Just watch out what you’re eating and you’ll be fine.

  2. Drink lots of water.

    Water cleanses your body and your internal system. While there might be overflowing juices, soda, wine or beer during celebrations, you can have all you like but make sure you have a few liters of water every day. Remember that you can never have too much water! You won’t drown and you won’t get fat with water so make sure you drink lots of it.

  3. Engage in indoor sports.

    While outdoor sports are probably not an option for you right now and swimming is just so difficult when the water is ice cold, you can look for indoor sports instead. Check if there’s an indoor badminton court in town or a basketball court where you can play at. You can even try learning new sports such as martial arts which are usually available all year round.

  4. Do exercises inside your home.

    indoor training cycleYou don’t have to fight laziness of having to go to the gym if you invest on some exercise equipment for your home. You can start with an indoor training cycle as this isn’t too bulky and costly. By getting on your indoor training cycle at least 15 minutes a day, you can sweat enough and stay fit!

  5. Serve healthy meals.

    Finally, the fitness starts within you. Instead of serving too much fatty pork and beef steaks or sweet cakes and ice cream, serve healthy meals instead. Choose the leaner part of beef or serve chicken breast. Make sure there’s salad and other veggies as well on the menu to keep your diet balanced.