How to Get Focused and Stay Focused on your Job

Santos, February 14, 2016

When tasked to do a job that will take hours, days or weeks to complete, it can be quite challenging to keep your focus. There are so many things that can keep you distracted or you might even get bored at one point with what you’re doing. However, you need to get that job done and you need to do it well. From enough sleep, exercise and a healthy diet, your body benefits and so your better able to focus. You have to stay alert and most importantly, you have to stay focused so you can be sure of high quality workmanship and an output that would definitely impress the boss.

If you are having a hard time focusing on your job, you are not alone. There are many other people experiencing the same kind of distractions; however, this doesn’t give you the excuse to stay unfocused. Not because a lot of other people are in the same situation, you’ll be like them too. You are so much better than that and you can excel in your job if you do this the right way. Keep your focus by checking out these tips below.

Get Rid of Distractions

RANCILIO HSD-SILVIA SILVIA ESPRESSO MACHINEWhat could exactly distract you while working? There are a lot of things actually. If you are working on your computer, you need to close all other windows not related to work to keep you focused. When you see that (1)Facebook, you just can’t help but take a look on what that notification is about. Instead of just taking a look, you stumbled upon a friend’s long rant on your newsfeed. You read everything on that post and check out the comments too. You can’t help but make a comment yourself and wait for your friend’s and her other friends’ replies. This easily took so many minutes or even an hour of your working time.

Another form of distraction is your mobile phone. Put it on silent mode or if you’re worrying about not being able to receive calls in case of emergency, put everything else on silent mode except for the calling features. If that text message sent to you is really so important, that person will call.

Music or no music—it is really up to you. If that Justin Bieber album makes you want to dance and sing along which could be totally distracting to your job, except of course if you’re baking or cooking or building a piece of furniture, music won’t be a problem at all. However, if you’re an accountant, a writer or you’re preparing a presentation for your boss, you probably can’t handle music with lyrics. If you should listen to music, go on YouTube and search for instrumental music to keep your focus and there are so many suggestions you will see there.

Feeling sleepy also makes you lose your focus. Make yourself a delicious cup of coffee. Using your espresso machine, make a coffee that’s mild, strong or very strong depending on the level of sleepiness you are feeling. At Espresso Gusto you can find several different brews.

Lastly, the biggest form of distraction you may have are your own thoughts. Your problems at home, your crush who smiled back at you or even when you’re thinking of the things you want to buy for yourself or for your home will make you sit back and just think while doing nothing. We know it is difficult but you have limit your personal thoughts while working. If you do this right, you will be able to focus.

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