Beautiful Baking Tips for Beginner Bakers

Santos, December 5, 2015

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, everyone wants to become a baker now. That Nutella cupcake video on Facebook is just oh, so yum and easy! The lemon-vanilla cake mix on YouTube looks too simple to make! Yes, there are so many videos, photos and recipes of baked goodies that make baking look very simple. If you’re one of them who all of a sudden wanted to become a baker after seeing that new 50-second video, then you must know this is not a joke. There are so many things you need to learn and need to have before even becoming a real baker. If you tried to bake some brownies from a ready-to-bake box off a grocery shelf, that’s not really baking—you are basically placing a mix in the oven. So if you’re truly serious about baking, read on and find out how.

Learn What You Can from the Experts

Those minute-long videos you see on Facebook, that’s not real baking. Baking takes a lot of time. You must know that you’ll probably spend at least an hour sweating it out in the kitchen before you can finally place that first batch of cookie dough in the oven. Cleaning is no joke too. After baking, you have to clean and store all your tools and leftover ingredients. To know more about baking, you need to learn from actual experts. While YouTube can probably teach you a lot, grabbing a book about baking would help you a whole lot too. You can try to check if there’s a baking workshop in your area or if your friend’s mom is an expert in baking, hanging out in their kitchen would do you good. It is best to see for yourself what really goes on in a baker’s kitchen before you can even proceed to the next step.

Baking Does Not Go Cheap

Mixer reviewYour mom’s oven is not enough. It probably worked well with the turkey but won’t be as good with a big batch of muffins. A good oven is very important – one with temperature controls that you can work with and enough space even for a massive cake. The hand mixer (see: ) you use to beat eggs might be good but it probably isn’t good enough to mix dough and other ingredients. You can also invest in a stand mixer – believe us, a stand mixer will save your life, spare you from having aching arms and save at least a few minutes of mixing. Aside from those, you need pans, trays, measuring spoons and cups, spatulas, scoops and so much more. So if you think that flour and some baking soda is very affordable, think again. Baking is more than just that. However, you may consider purchasing a good quality mixer through Mixer Picks, they have already made you a list with the best mixers and all the information you need so you can choose the product that suits your needs.

Bake, Experiment and Share the Goodies!

Now, we’re not discouraging you from becoming a baker. If you went past the first two steps listed above, it’s time for you to bake. Baking is all about exact measurements but that doesn’t mean you have no room to experiment. Just bake and experiment until you get that perfect taste, texture and look you’re aiming for. The best way to find out if you’re doing well? Share your baked goodies with your friends!