The Only 3 Questions to Ask Yourself for Having a Clean Laundry


With the number of choices we have out there, it’s easy to just throw your discernment into the air and make a purchase of any washing machine that’s out there today.

But then again, you may just find that your washing machine you hastily purchased from an overeager salesman isn’t exactly what you need – maybe it’s too large for your needs, or maybe it’s too small.

Today, washing machines are more advanced than ever with the numbers of models available saturating the market totaling to thousands. A washing machine is a necessary piece of equipment to have in the household because it reduces the effort utilized for washing clothes significantly. Washing machines used to be very straightforward, but with the hosts of new specifications such as capacity drums and advanced cycles making its way to the market, it is getting harder to decide what model to purchase.

Here’s what to consider before buying your washer.

1. What Size is my Space and What are my Needs?

The type of washer you purchase will depend largely on where you are going to install it. For instance, if you have a basement set up or a large laundry room, a large front loading machine will fit best into your space. Top loading machines work best for small compact spaces such as a narrow closet space. You might also need to determine whether you require a dual functional device that has both the washer and the dryer or if you prefer separate pieces for each task. Again, it depends on your space and needs.

2. What Size and Speed do I Need?

Capacity is an important consideration to make as the size of the machine affects the amount of clothes you wash. If your machine caters to the entire family, a high capacity device might be your best bet as it handles large quantities of clothes, cutting down on the number of times you clean clothes. The speed, on the other hand, refers to the number of turns per minute that your machine makes. Machines with fast speeds extract large amounts of moisture, meaning that your clothes dry faster when they leave the washer.

3. What Features do I Need and How do the Features Affect my Budget?

Typically, washing machines that are laden with features cost more. Machines have basic functions such as spin rate and temperature control. However, sophisticated additional features such as delay timers, low noise levels, and quick wash features are what separate high-end machines from inexpensive ones. The choice of which features you need rests solely on you as you will have to determine whether you are willing to pay for all the bells and whistles.
Conducting detailed research into the models available will help you find a machine for the best value. To conserve energy, look for a model that is energy efficient. The lesser energy the machine costs, the better it is for the environment. The clothes will come out as clean as needed, and you will still look good. What more can you wish for! Lucky for you, most electronics produced today carry an energy efficient label, which will make it easy for you to identify.

P.S. Since we’re on the topic of washing machines anyway, why not complete the set of your home cleaning gear and invest in a pressure washer? Our friends over at Wash Wisely will sort you out – your budget usually doesn’t matter since pressure washers come in all prices, shapes, and sizes. Try one!

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How to Get Focused and Stay Focused on your Job

When tasked to do a job that will take hours, days or weeks to complete, it can be quite challenging to keep your focus. There are so many things that can keep you distracted or you might even get bored at one point with what you’re doing. However, you need to get that job done and you need to do it well. From enough sleep, exercise and a healthy diet, your body benefits and so your better able to focus. You have to stay alert and most importantly, you have to stay focused so you can be sure of high quality workmanship and an output that would definitely impress the boss.

If you are having a hard time focusing on your job, you are not alone. There are many other people experiencing the same kind of distractions; however, this doesn’t give you the excuse to stay unfocused. Not because a lot of other people are in the same situation, you’ll be like them too. You are so much better than that and you can excel in your job if you do this the right way. Keep your focus by checking out these tips below.

Get Rid of Distractions

RANCILIO HSD-SILVIA SILVIA ESPRESSO MACHINEWhat could exactly distract you while working? There are a lot of things actually. If you are working on your computer, you need to close all other windows not related to work to keep you focused. When you see that (1)Facebook, you just can’t help but take a look on what that notification is about. Instead of just taking a look, you stumbled upon a friend’s long rant on your newsfeed. You read everything on that post and check out the comments too. You can’t help but make a comment yourself and wait for your friend’s and her other friends’ replies. This easily took so many minutes or even an hour of your working time.

Another form of distraction is your mobile phone. Put it on silent mode or if you’re worrying about not being able to receive calls in case of emergency, put everything else on silent mode except for the calling features. If that text message sent to you is really so important, that person will call.

Music or no music—it is really up to you. If that Justin Bieber album makes you want to dance and sing along which could be totally distracting to your job, except of course if you’re baking or cooking or building a piece of furniture, music won’t be a problem at all. However, if you’re an accountant, a writer or you’re preparing a presentation for your boss, you probably can’t handle music with lyrics. If you should listen to music, go on YouTube and search for instrumental music to keep your focus and there are so many suggestions you will see there.

Feeling sleepy also makes you lose your focus. Make yourself a delicious cup of coffee. Using your espresso machine, make a coffee that’s mild, strong or very strong depending on the level of sleepiness you are feeling. At Espresso Gusto you can find several different brews.

Lastly, the biggest form of distraction you may have are your own thoughts. Your problems at home, your crush who smiled back at you or even when you’re thinking of the things you want to buy for yourself or for your home will make you sit back and just think while doing nothing. We know it is difficult but you have limit your personal thoughts while working. If you do this right, you will be able to focus.

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How to Stay Fit During the Cold Season

When it’s cold outside, it’s just so hard to get out of bed and begin your day. If you could press that snooze button for another 5 minutes or a couple of hours, you would. If going to work or school is quite a drag, working out and trying to sweat is going to be much harder. However, it is important to stay fit and healthy; otherwise, you might find yourself running on the treadmill like crazy again just to catch up on getting a beach body before the summer season.

Really, the best way to stay fit and healthy is through maintenance. You can’t stuff yourself with all the food you can have during a cold holiday season and stay in bed all day just to let your body absorb all the fat. The only way for you to stay fit is by making an effort. Here are some tips you might want to consider:

  1. Limit your food intake.

    It could be tempting to have another slice of ham or another slab of steak for dinner especially when your family is gathering for the holidays. You might think this only happens once a year so why not indulge? Yes, you can have a taste of everything and you can even have more food than what you’re used to; however, this doesn’t mean you can have double servings of everything. Just watch out what you’re eating and you’ll be fine.

  2. Drink lots of water.

    Water cleanses your body and your internal system. While there might be overflowing juices, soda, wine or beer during celebrations, you can have all you like but make sure you have a few liters of water every day. Remember that you can never have too much water! You won’t drown and you won’t get fat with water so make sure you drink lots of it.

  3. Engage in indoor sports.

    While outdoor sports are probably not an option for you right now and swimming is just so difficult when the water is ice cold, you can look for indoor sports instead. Check if there’s an indoor badminton court in town or a basketball court where you can play at. You can even try learning new sports such as martial arts which are usually available all year round.

  4. Do exercises inside your home.

    indoor training cycleYou don’t have to fight laziness of having to go to the gym if you invest on some exercise equipment for your home. You can start with an indoor training cycle as this isn’t too bulky and costly. By getting on your indoor training cycle at least 15 minutes a day, you can sweat enough and stay fit!

  5. Serve healthy meals.

    Finally, the fitness starts within you. Instead of serving too much fatty pork and beef steaks or sweet cakes and ice cream, serve healthy meals instead. Choose the leaner part of beef or serve chicken breast. Make sure there’s salad and other veggies as well on the menu to keep your diet balanced.


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Beautiful Baking Tips for Beginner Bakers

Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, everyone wants to become a baker now. That Nutella cupcake video on Facebook is just oh, so yum and easy! The lemon-vanilla cake mix on YouTube looks too simple to make! Yes, there are so many videos, photos and recipes of baked goodies that make baking look very simple. If you’re one of them who all of a sudden wanted to become a baker after seeing that new 50-second video, then you must know this is not a joke. There are so many things you need to learn and need to have before even becoming a real baker. If you tried to bake some brownies from a ready-to-bake box off a grocery shelf, that’s not really baking—you are basically placing a mix in the oven. So if you’re truly serious about baking, read on and find out how.

Learn What You Can from the Experts

Those minute-long videos you see on Facebook, that’s not real baking. Baking takes a lot of time. You must know that you’ll probably spend at least an hour sweating it out in the kitchen before you can finally place that first batch of cookie dough in the oven. Cleaning is no joke too. After baking, you have to clean and store all your tools and leftover ingredients. To know more about baking, you need to learn from actual experts. While YouTube can probably teach you a lot, grabbing a book about baking would help you a whole lot too. You can try to check if there’s a baking workshop in your area or if your friend’s mom is an expert in baking, hanging out in their kitchen would do you good. It is best to see for yourself what really goes on in a baker’s kitchen before you can even proceed to the next step.

Baking Does Not Go Cheap

Mixer reviewYour mom’s oven is not enough. It probably worked well with the turkey but won’t be as good with a big batch of muffins. A good oven is very important – one with temperature controls that you can work with and enough space even for a massive cake. The hand mixer (see: ) you use to beat eggs might be good but it probably isn’t good enough to mix dough and other ingredients. You can also invest in a stand mixer – believe us, a stand mixer will save your life, spare you from having aching arms and save at least a few minutes of mixing. Aside from those, you need pans, trays, measuring spoons and cups, spatulas, scoops and so much more. So if you think that flour and some baking soda is very affordable, think again. Baking is more than just that. However, you may consider purchasing a good quality mixer through Mixer Picks, they have already made you a list with the best mixers and all the information you need so you can choose the product that suits your needs.

Bake, Experiment and Share the Goodies!

Now, we’re not discouraging you from becoming a baker. If you went past the first two steps listed above, it’s time for you to bake. Baking is all about exact measurements but that doesn’t mean you have no room to experiment. Just bake and experiment until you get that perfect taste, texture and look you’re aiming for. The best way to find out if you’re doing well? Share your baked goodies with your friends!

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The When, Why and How of Using a Camping Air Mattress

Camping air mattresses are becoming more and more popular to people that love the outdoor experience. Camping usually requires you to carry only the most essential items since a lot of walking often comes with the territory, which is why you need to pack very light items. It’s a great option compared to other mattress types. It is simple to quickly deflate the air in the mattress and pack it into your back pack. The mattress is just a rectangular piece of hard material which when pumped up with air takes the form of a comfortable mattress.

Camp Set Up

Setting up camp is one of the hardest parts of the overall camping experience. Set up your tent and create a fireplace for cooking and keeping warm. It’s best; you don’t bring to much kitchen gear and canned foods; it’s back to nature! It is easy to get frustrated especially when things do not go smoothly for you. A good mattress is easy to inflate and set up in your tent. They usually come with a pumping device that makes it easy for campers to fill up their mattresses with air. After the night one can as easily deflate and pack their mattresses without wasting a lot of time.

Air is an insulator, this is important since the area you decide to camp at can either be very hot or cold. Camping mattresses ensure that while you are resting the temperature outside does not affect your comfort. Despite the degree of the temperature outside, your mattress is able maintain a neutral temperature throughout the whole night.

Part of the excitement of camping is that you do not know exactly where you will sleep. When the night falls you may be forced to set up camp in an area that may be full of rocks and pebbles. Camping mattresses come in handy at such a time. One of the properties of air is that it is compressible and soft. According to Sleep on Air, you can be able to sleep through the night without feeling the effect of rocks and pebbles. This type of mattress ensures that you feel like you are at home sleeping in your bed.


air mattressesThe mattresses used in camping come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the amount of money you wish to spend on the mattress you will be open for a range of products. Camping mattresses are usually made of a harder type of material, one that is able to withstand the rough texture of the ground. After the camping trip you can also use the mattresses for your bed.

The greatest importance of a camping mattress is that you can be adjust it to suit your comfort. Some people complain that their backs and necks ache from using mattresses that are too hard. With an air mattress you will be free to pump in the amount of air you want. In case you experience any difficulties in adjusting the mattress, just ask any of the people that sell them to help you. They will be able to educate you on the best level of air to fill into your mattress so as to ensure absolute comfort.

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How to Look Good Without Damaging the Environment

Ok, the title of this article may be a bit misleading (since we’re basically promoting sunglasses here), but the truth is that they are indeed an environmental friendly way to garnish yourself. Plus, you can do with less make-up because you’re covering your eyes, and this means less usage of products that are damaging.

But truth be told, sunglasses are mainly a fashion assessor. These days, whether you are a man, woman, a boy or a grandfather, you need a sunglass to complete your style and remain in the groove. So without further ado, have a look at some of the most iconic sunglasses of all times

Aviator SunglassesAviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are no less than a fashion statement for people these days. There are so many colors to choose from in aviator sunglasses, some of the popular ones are brown, gray, blue, and charcoal. Most lenses of aviator sunglasses are made of UV 400 for maximum protection from the harmful sun rays. There are poly, plastic, spring temple and nickel frames available in aviator sunglasses.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses need no introduction. They are very popular and have been around since many years. These sunglasses give a typical masculine look, however ray ban wayfarer sunglasses suits on women too. The best thing about ray ban wayfarer sunglasses is that they suit on any type of face. Due to its iconic design, the Wayfarers are still in great demand.

Prada Butterfly Sunglasses

One of the most iconic sunglasses of all times is Prada butterfly sunglasses. Prada sunglasses were introduced in 1913 and till to date their fame and popularity has not been disturbed. Prada comes with butterfly style frames that surely give you a glamorous look. Colors available in Prada sunglasses are black, tortoise, lavender and brown. Prada sunglasses features large butterfly shaped plastic frames that give you a stunning and elegant diva look.

Gargoyles Sunglasses
Gargoyles sunglasses are made of high quality lenses and modern frames that add more charm to your looks. This is an exclusive addition on the modern design sunglasses ramp. The cotemporary touch with sophistication in gargoyles sunglasses makes them favorite among people of all ages.

And there you have it. A small roundup of the most stylish glasses you can find these days. With a specials thanks to Sunglass Picks for providing us the source information.

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The Green and Environmental Save Way to Styling your Hair

Styling your HairGirls love being pampered, you can make them happy in so many different ways. However, the best thing you can do is to present a gift that she values. At first you may think that choosing a perfect gift may be really tricky, but if you know what she likes the most it’s actually quit easy.

Girls, being the young generation of 21st century, are more inclined towards the latest trends in fashion. They know how to impress others with their looks and dressings, and in the endeavor of looking smart and gorgeous they significantly put more concerns on their locks. Let’s explore one hair styling accessory that makes a perfect gift for any girl, regardless of her age, style or liking. That one gift is none other than a hair waver.

A Gift That Can Delight Your Girl

If you need to buy a birthday gift for your girl, get a hair waver and she will appreciate your choice surely. The best hairstyling accessory she can have is a hair waiver as it can help her create stylish waves in no time. When it comes to hairstyling tools, a hair waver is something you cannot live without. For any party, wedding or special events every girl wants to stand out among the crowd.

A hair waver is rich in functionality that allows you to create beach look waves. Crimped, curls or 360 waves, any style you want to put on, can be achieved with the use of a hair waver. There are advanced models of hair wavers available that minimize your styling time and are increasingly in demand by majority of the women. So what else a girl can get with a magical tool other than having beautiful shinny and eye-catching waves in just matter of seconds.

Girls look prettier in wavy hairs even if they are properly dressed up. Wavy hairs are recently a trend among young girls, mainly because they want to be like the celebrities. Being a girl, you just can’t get around having a hair waver in your styling arsenal, that is if you want to be stylish and seducing.

Now that you know each and every thing about a hair waiver and what can it mean to your girl, you should not have any problem purchasing a perfect gift for her. Just make sure that the hair waiver you gift her is of top quality.

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The Benefits of Eating Plant Based Foods


When you hear the word “vegan”, do you want to put your hands over your ears, close your eyes and run away? Maybe you have tried vegan food before and it tasted gross or upset your stomach. Well just like there are hundreds of ways to prepare meat, dairy, and eggs, there are hundreds of ways to prepare fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These days, the phrase “plant-based” is becoming a more popular term to accurately describe the dietary choices of somebody who is no longer choosing meat, dairy, and eggs as staple foods. Whole food, plant-based eating is all about adding in as many whole vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and a seeds until you are satisfied at every meal.

There is a way of eating plant based that works for everybody; whether you want to eat gourmet vegan cheeses and tofu, or if you want to take it back to the basics and eat a simple diet of rice and beans. There are so many reasons to transition to a plant-based diet including for health and for your wallet. Yes, contrary to popular belief, eating whole foods does not have to be expensive. For example, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, and bananas are some of the cheapest foods in the grocery store, especially when comparing those foods with steak and eggs.

People who transition to a plant based diet for health reasons often find that they can effortlessly maintain a healthy weight due to the elimination of processed junk food from their diet. When eating whole plant foods, there is no reason to be afraid of carbs or calories. Fruits provide a ton of sweet calories that are packed with the vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep you satisfied and energized all day. Vegetables provide a boost of minerals to keep you healthy from the inside out. Protein can easily come from plant sources like beans and lentils, and healthy fats can be incorporated as whole food options like avocados, nuts, and seeds. A meat and dairy free lifestyle is all about tasting the rainbow and getting away from those microwave dinners that are packed in toxic chemicals and drowned in salt.

A day in the life of somebody enjoying a plant based lifestyle might look something like this.
Breakfast: Large bowl of oatmeal made with almond milk and some chia seeds sprinkled on top with a huge side of delicious ripe fruit.

Snack: Eat fruit as your are hungry throughout the morning

Lunch: Vegetable soup with bread sticks and a huge salad filled with sweet peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and chucks of avocado.

Snack: Fruit and nut trail mix

Dinner: A delicious sweet potato and lentil stew with as many delicious vegetables as you want to add.

Dessert: Ice cream made from almond or coconut milk, or some more delicious sweet fruit.

Variety is the spice of life, and there are so many ways to personalize the plant based diet to your taste and budget. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for eating carbs like fruit, pasta, and rice and instead eat in abundance knowing you are changing your health and saving so many animals lives. These days there are so many alternative products to meat and dairy that anyone can do it! It can help in the beginning of your journey to swap some animal products for healthier alternatives and start adding in as many fruits and veggies as you can. Eventually you will start to feel like there is no room for junk food in your life anymore and you will be on your way to plant based living.

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The Most Important Accomplishments of Engineering

The constant struggle to apply our knowledge to practical ends has revolutionized the world continuously. These applications have changed the way we interact with the world and our lifestyles. From rapid travel of hundreds of miles through an airplane to communication overseas through phones, all of the milestones considered impossible at a time have now been crossed and this never ending journey is still progressing. Below are the top inventions of this century accomplished through Engineering.


Can anyone, in this era imagine life without electricity? To go in daily life without all the appliances, luxuries and needs fulfilled by electricity? We control electricity through the tips of our fingers to tap into the potential of coal, oil, wind, oceans, concealed power of an atom and the radiance that makes its way to our planet. All of these resources converted into electricity.


The struggle to build a motor powered vehicle began around late 1700’s. Different engines were introduced including steam, combustion and electrical powered ones. It was a controversial issue which one would become eminent. Electrical motor powered engine gained fame in the start but failed soon due to the lack of batteries at that time. Eventually, it was the combustion engine that become the most reliable propeller of automobiles. We all are well versed about the need to transportation. Automobiles not only allow us to save time but provides an economic way of transportation as well.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air ConditionersIsn’t it soothing when you revel in the luxury of cold environment of your AC in your home or car? Simultaneously, a survey states that refrigerator is the hardest appliance to live without. A cooling system has become more of a necessity in warmer climates because the scorching heat can also be deleterious for health as well.


Flying had always been one of the most polemic issue of every century. Many people believed that it was possible while others labelled it as a far-fetched fantasy. The Wright brothers who were among the believers worked endlessly for the cause and their labor bore fruit. Today, we enjoy access to flying machines that can even beat the speed of sound and commercial airlines that can carry hundreds of people halfway around the world.

Water Supply and Distribution

Water, as we all know is a basic need for survival. The quantity was adequate but its distribution on the other hand had always been a problem of prime concern. As cities grew, this problem became crucial and became a missing link that thwarted progress. The development of such a system that provided water at homes is a splendid step towards efficient utilization of our resources.


Life without the use of electronic devices would be like clouds without rain. From the morning alarm on our mobile that wakes us up to the whole day’s work that we perform includes electronic devices. It all started in mid-1948 when a device called transistor was invented. Among all those years that that link that day to present day, a myriad of overwhelming and magnificent advances were made that have led to these wonderful pieces of technology we own.

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Environmental Protection Agency

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